Covid Guidelines

For all classes with Orkney Bump to Baby Support

First of all, thank you for filling in the booking form and reading all the bits that go with signing up for a class these days.

Classes will be a bit different from before Covid, and I thank you in advance for helping me stick to the government guidelines and law.

Mats & Cleaning: Due to the nature of the classes, I think it unreasonable to ask you to bring your own equipment (for yoga). However, if you would like to, please do. I will sanitise all mats, props, chairs and silks before and after each class. I will be sure to fully clean the room and all touchable surfaces before and after class (this included the entryway and toilets). I thank you for doing your best to keep your hands washed and sanitise your own mat, if you bring one.

Masks: Please wear your mask upon entry until you have reached your seat/mat, when moving around and upon exit.

Distance: Please be mindful of the two-meter distance between individuals not of your own household. Even if you're in a bubble, it's best to distance in class so it's not confusing who should or should not be distancing. This will be most important on entrance and exit, so please be mindful of those before you and do leave space. Please queue if necessary.

One-way Systems: We are unable to do a one-way system in the St Magnus Centre, but we can work hard to social distance on entrance and exit of the building

If feeling unwell: Do not come to class if you are feeling unwell or have any of the Coronavirus symptoms. If you are in class and begin to feel unwell and I will take you to the designated waiting area so we can arrange for you to travel home safely.

Hopefully we won't see any more cases at all in Orkney, but all the above is to ensure this and ensure the classes comply with government guidance and regulation.

If you have any questions, please email me at

Thank you again for your cooperation, it allows these classes to go ahead and I for one am very happy about getting to see you all